About Sowa Tool

From modest beginnings in 1960 to national and international achievements, Sowa Tool & Machine Co. Ltd., is one of those true local success stories. What started as a small family run business in Kitchener, has grown substantially over the years.

Kitchener Headquarters of Sowa Tool & Machine

The local firm has seen many changes since its inception. What began in a building on Manitou Drive with only a few employees has evolved into a business that operates from a newly constructed head office (just up the street from its former site) and staffs over 90 employees at all locations. Though there have been many changes over the years one thing has remained constant and that is the company’s commitment to providing quality, cost-effective equipment combined with excellent customer service. Much of Sowa Tool's success can be attributed to the early commitment that is made to providing quality goods while always trying to help the manufacturing sector stay competitive. Over the years, Sowa has built a solid business as a leading distributor of industrial equipment and supplies. Specializing in four basic areas - cutting tools, precision tools, abrasives and machine tool accessories - Sowa represents a large number of companies known worldwide. Products are distributed via various distributors across North America from warehouses in Edmonton, Alta., Illinois, California, and North Carolina and locally from the head office in Kitchener.

Sowa Tool has strategically positioned itself so that it can remain competitive in the marketplace. With that in mind, a large focus of the business over the past decade has been on global expansion. In 1996 they opened Sowa International in Ghangzhou, China. In 2000 Sowa began exporting to European markets and opened Sowa International in Hong Kong, later expanding into Taiwan. Sowa now also imports Western-made products into the Asian market. While international growth is indeed a company focus, the Canadian market still remains the backbone of the company. The Canadian component is crucial to Sowa's success and we are very thankful for the support of our local clients.

Employing dedicated people and a strong commitment to quality and service are other factors that have contributed to the company’s success. The biggest strength of the company has been and always will be its people - both customers and employees.